“Chelsea Lacked Leadership Last Season” – Lampard Justifies Thiago Silva Signing

Chelsea head coach, Frank Lampard has lauded the club’s signing of former Paris Saint Germain (PSG) captain, Thiago Silva, describing him as a leader.

Lampard revealed that Chelsea lacked leadership in a number of matches last season and there was a need to fill the gap.

He noted that Silva is a natural leader would be a good influence for the younger players in the team.

“With Thiago Silva, we are looking at a player I know very well, pretty much as we all do. He brings great experience for us, he is still playing at a massively high level, as we saw in the Champions League final and games towards the final, so I expect him to come and bring that, bring his experience, leadership and his qualities. It is going to be very important for us.’

“We have a relatively young squad, we saw that last year, there were games afterwards when I was probably asking for more voice and some more leadership in different ways and he brings that naturally straightaway, and also on the pitch he can help talk and be the player that he is which means affecting others.

“On those levels I hope he brings that. I am pretty sure he will with the qualities we know he has, so I am excited for when he joins up.”

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